DIY Screen Printing Kit

DIY Screen Printing Kit
This kit is for serious or not so serious creative chaps who would love to see their creations come to life on T-shirts. The kit is jam packed with EVERYTHING (see below) you will need to produce high quality screen printed T-shirts!

• DIY Print Shop Signature Blue Press w/ 16x16" Platen for screen printing shirts.
• DIY Print Shop Wood Screen 16x20 156 Mesh for printing your image.
• 500 Watt DIY approved Halogen Exposure Light for exposing your screen.
• Exposure Light Mounting Fixture for attaching the exposure light to your press.
• 11" 70 durometer DIY Print Shop Squeegee for printing your ink.
• 12" DIY approved emulsion Scoop Coater for coating your screen with emulsion.
• DIY Print Shop Photo Emulsion Pint for exposing your screen. (non-toxic)
• Light Safe DIY Approved Yellow Bulb for any darkroom environment.
• 8 oz. DIY Black Screen Printing Ink (eco-friendly water-based)
• DIY Print Shop Screen Degreaser Concentrate in 8 oz. bottle for cleaning your screen (eco-friendly).
• DIY Print Shop Emulsion Remover in 8 oz. Bottle for removing your image (eco-friendly).
• DIY Print Shop Pallet Adhesive 2oz. to tack your shirt to the press platen.
• 2 DIY Approved Red Scrub Pads for cleaning your screens.
• 8 Sheets of 8x12" DIY Approved Silicone Parchment Paper for curing ink with an iron.
• 5 Pack of DIY Approved Film Positives, 8.5x11" for creating your positive.
• Complete DIY T-SHIRT KIT DVD to walk you through the entire process step by step.

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DIY Screen Printing Kit
DIY Screen Printing Kit

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